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  • 關于我們

    Brief introduction

    CURRENT LOCATION: HOME > Brief introduction

            Founded in the year of 1996, Zhejiang Power transformer Co.,Ltd owns 300 million RMB of total assets and covers an area of 125 square meters. The annual sale exceed 400 million RMB . 
            Zhejiang Power transformer Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer. The major products are 110kV and below oil immersion power transformer、35kV and below dry type transformer、a full set of combined transformer in high and low voltage etc.
    Implementing high technology strategy and improving the scientific and technological quality of the products is our eternal pursuit. Our products are honored  as ‘Trusted Quality Products’, ’Famous Products’, ‘High and New Technical Products’. We have obtained ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate、ISO14001 Environment Management  System Certificate、OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate. And we got ‘AAA-Class Reputation Enterprise’, ‘High and New Technology Enterprise’ and so on.
            Abiding by the service principle of ‘ All for Costumers’, we cordially hope to cooperate with companies and friends from domestic and overseas.

    /   CONTACT US
    Add: Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province Ouhai Economic Development Zone on the 17th Tsz Fung West Road
    Tel: 0577-56698777,0577-56692111
    Fax: 0577-86362247
    Email: zb@zhebian.com.cn
    Zip code: 325014
    Mobile phone Mobile phone
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